Public Service Pensions – myth and reality

Today seems like a good day to debunk some public service pension myths…

30th June 2011 Alice Hood TUC Today seems like a good day to debunk some public service pension myths… Myth 1: Public service pensions are gold-plated The Commission firmly rejected the claim that current public service pensions are ‘gold plated.’ … Continue reading

After the cuts protest, what next?

The huge turnout of protesters means the TUC is burdened with great expectations; now unions must push the cuts campaign [...]

250,000 or more on TUC demonstration

An estimated 250,000 or more people attended today’s demonstration. [...]

ACT NOW to save Iranian trade unionist Mansour Osanloo

As Iranian people demonstrate for freedom on the streets of Iran’s major cities, the TUC is joining Amnesty International to [...]

TUC statement on the union industrial response to government spending cuts

We await reports from inside today’s TUC meeting. Below is the response of Brendan Barber. Fearing the discussion on “coordinated [...]

Hundreds to lobby TUC leaders, demanding national demo against Con-Dem cuts

Hundreds of angry union members from across Britain will gather in Manchester this Sunday (12 September) for a vocal lobby [...]

RMT motion at TUC calls for coordinated strike action, national demonstration and link up with community groups in fight against the cuts

Publication Date: August 2 2010 TRANSPORT UNION RMT has tabled a motion for the TUC Congress in Manchester in September [...]