Royal Mail is not delivering

As profits dive, it’s clear this management isn’t modernising, it’s running the company into the ground – but why? Roy Mayall   Royal Mail’s profits fell from £180m in 2009 to £39m in 2010, a drop of around 78%. That … Continue reading

Model of a Modern Royal Mail

Roy Mayall 19 January 2011 Last week all the new walk-sequencing machines in our area broke down. This meant that [...]

The not so jolly postman

People used to say being a postman was the best job in the world. You’re up and out, in the [...]

The Unsorting Office

Roy Mayall 13 October 2010 It’s been a bad few weeks at our delivery office. First of all Vince Cable [...]

Royal Mail's plan for junk deliveries

Postal workers will soon be under pressure to deliver junk mail to every household Roy Mayall Postal workers have voted [...]

Union deal lets postal workers down

If the agreement between Royal Mail and the CWU is accepted it will be another weapon in the armoury of [...]

More reflections on the agreement

By Roy Mayall Money I don’t know about you, but I didn’t go on strike for money. I went on [...]