Now is the winter of our discontent

Gordon Brown’s slogan ‘British jobs for British workers’ has come back to haunt him, as workers’ protests gather momentum (writes Gregor Gall) Construction workers’ anger against the employment of foreign labourers has boiled over. The revolt that started on Wednesday … Continue reading

Migrant Workers To Vote On Strike Action At Roadchef

Roadchef’s withdraws five times a day staff transport costing £150,000 per annum to M3 service station with motorway only access [...]

International Labor Delegation to Israel and Palestine

The delegation members have discussed and adopted the following points as a working paper that will guide our common effort [...]

TUC win 'Pole tax' reform for Polish workers over-paying tax

An important victory here which indicates the benefits of union membership for migrant workers and should help in the unionisation [...]
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