Employment Tribunal finds Arwyn Thomas was unfairly dismissed

All that we are now asking them to do is stick to their word and get Arwyn back to work

June 22, 2011 Arwyn Thomas’s Employment Tribunal today found that the London Underground driver was unfairly dismissed and that “no reasonable employer would have dismissed him in these circumstances.” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Throughout this process LU have … Continue reading

Tube victimisation dispute – the facts

Publication Date: June 14 2011 With strike action in the tube victimisation dispute beginning this weekend, tube union RMT today [...]

RMT names further strike dates in vicimisations dispute

Publication Date: June 9 2011 TUBE UNION RMT today announced strike dates involving all train driver members in the on-going [...]

Tube strike action due to commence next week suspended after unfairly sacked train driver Eamonn Lynch is re-employed and RMT and LUL agree to further discussions on Arwyn Thomas

Publication Date: May 10 2011 TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that tube drivers strike action – due to commence next [...]

Drivers vote to stop victimisations on the tube

What a result! Train drivers and Instructor operators on LU were asked “are you prepared to take strike action over [...]

RMT to ballot all tube drivers for action over victimisation of members for trade union activities

Publication Date: March 31 2011 TUBE UNION RMT announced today that it has served notice on London Underground for a [...]

RMT to Ballot LU Drivers for Strikes in Escalation of Battle against Victimisations

March 3rd 2011 From the RMT London Transport website RMT General Grades Committee decision today: We note that our Regional [...]