RMT pledges solidarity with Greek workers

As Greek workers launch a general strike today backed by three major trade union confederations, including PAME (the Greek All-Workers Militant Front), Britain’s RMT has pledged full solidarity with the Greek people’s struggle against a future as a corporate EU colony.

RMT general secretary, Bob Crow said; “Mass demonstrations in Athens and 65 towns and cities are the Greek people’s answer to £9bn of barbaric public spending cuts and a firesale of Greece’s national assets by the Samaras government at the behest of their Troika puppet-masters (EU, ECB and IMF).”

“Austerity and privatisation are not the result of ‘poor management’ of the economy. They are a deliberate strategy of the European Union dictated by monopoly capitalist corporations and banks. That is why these anti-social policies are the same in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and even in Britain, which while not in the eurozone, is governed by parties who share the same slavish adherence to the EU’s disastrous, deflationary, Thatcherite policies”, Bob Crow said.

Bob Crow reaffirmed: “RMT sends solidarity to all Greek workers and trade unionists, pensioners, students and unemployed fighting EU dictats that reflect the interests of big business, industrialists, bankers and shipowners. No solution to the capitalist crisis for the people of Greece or Britain is possible within the European Union. RMT will continue to be a true comrade for Greek trade unionists to make their voice heard in our common fight for democratic rights and national sovereignty against the EU’s new empire-builders.”

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