Bob Crow to expose “lethal cocktail” of McNulty rail reforms at Select Committee

RAIL UNION RMT will seize the opportunity at an evidence session of the Transport Select Committee today (19th June) to demand that MPs pull the government back from embarking on the catastrophic course of cuts and profiteering set out in the McNulty rail review, which the union says would create the perfect “lethal cocktail” of conditions for another Hatfield or Potters Bar disaster on Britain’s railways.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow will join with other rail unions in presenting oral evidence this morning on RAIL 2020 to the Transport Committee.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“MP’s are slavishly following the McNulty recommendations, without thinking about the financial and safety implications for their voters – higher fares, increased profiteering, safety-critical job cuts and the running of infra-structure for profit through the creation of a whole series of Railtrack 2 operations.

“This situation is deadly serious and the McNulty plans are already being rolled out on South West Trains, London Midland and the new Great Western franchise, with dire consequences, before they have even been approved by Parliament.

“The fight against McNulty, and the fight against the Government’s Command Paper, is a fight for a safe and affordable railway for all.”

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