The Palestinian workers in Salit Quarry need your support!

On June 16, 35 Palestinian workers at Salit Quarries in Mishor Adumim (a settlement area east of Jerusalem in the Occupied West Bank) began a general strike. The workers, organized with the independent Union WAC-Ma’an, are demanding an end to exploitation and humiliation, and insist on signing a first collective agreement. The strike began after the workers and the union approved a draft agreement, while the management tried to take advantage of the opposition of a small number of more privileged workers in order to break the union and avoid the agreement. WAC and the workers demand that the agreement be signed immediately. If the agreement is not signed, the strike will continue.For the story and pictures see

You can send an email to the quarry and block their mail with messages of support to the workers.

Send mails to the General Manager Mr. Hezi Soroka
Send mails also to Mr. Natan Natanzon chair of board of Salit

please send us a copy to

Donate to a strike fund:
WAC does not have a strike fund. We do not know how long the strike will last but
we would like to have some emergency funds to give the workers in case the strike
continues for over a week. If money will arrive after the strike ends it will be put in a
special strike fund for future struggles.

Our bank account

Name of bank: Bank Leumi
Branch: 801
Name of Account holder: Workers Advice Center – Ma’an
Account: 101-537704
Address: Jerusalem boulevard # 1, Jaffa
(Tel: 972-3-5120333)
IBAN: IL030108010000001537704

Please note: for Salit strike