GPs not fooled by David Cameron’s pledges – doctors vote overwhelmingly to prevent destruction of NHS

9 June 2011

GPs have voted overwhelmingly to continue to oppose the Health and Social Care bill.

The GPs, including members of the Medical Practitioners Union (part of Unite) were among 250 GPs present at the British Medical Association’s annual GP conference in London today (Thursday).

The vote reflects that doctors are also not convinced that the prime minister’s pledges will safeguard the service.

Ron Singer of the Medical Practitioners Union said:

“GPs were not fooled by the warm words of the prime minister. Today GPs have signalled to the government that their health bill is not acceptable in any aspect. The general consensus is that this bill must go.

It poses the greatest threat to the NHS since its inception. Far from improving the nation’s health, such is the scale of the change the government is seeking to impose, they will compromise the health of the nation and endanger patients.

Whatever the prime minister may promise, the medical experts are telling him this bill will fragment the NHS. Our parliamentarians must now listen.”

Ron Singer added:

“GPs are those charged with putting the government’s plans into action so we need to be convinced by them, but we have been warning for months that they simply will not work.

The government would not listen then, it has shown not to be listening during the pause and we are extremely sceptical that the prime minister’s pledges, however well-intentioned, will make these plans any more acceptable.

GPs are warning again today – this bill is a serious threat to patients’ lives and the future existence of the NHS itself. It must go.”

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