Two FBU victories

April 5, 2011

Sticking by victimised members pays off

We have recently been able to celebrate two fantastic victories against victimisation. In case you missed the circulars we have seen a succesful conclusion in the cases of Steve Godward and Kevin Hughes.

Steve’s case has rumbled on for years – since 2002 in fact. It is remarkable, you hear Chief Fire Officers and fire authority politicians talk about fire service ‘values’ while at the same time standing by and watching such an outrageous miscarriage of justice. Steve won his case against dismissal – not once but twice! Under the disciupline regs then in place he should have been immediately reinstated. Yet it has taken this time to win reinsatement, back pay and full pension rights.

Kevin Hughes case is more recent and involved some quite bizarre attempts to present ‘evidence’ against him. In the end justice has prevailed. The lesson in both cases is that the FBU stuck firmly by two people who were clearly victimised and we have finally been succesful.

Best wishes to both for the future.

From Matt Wrack’s blog


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