Statement of the April 6th movement regarding the demands of the youth and the refusal to negotiate with any side

Feb 08 2011 by Jadaliyya Reports

This statement was prepared by the April 6 movement. Translation below by Fida Adely & Aiman Haddad

February 6, 2011

The Egyptian Resistance Movement

The youth of Egypt have stood their ground and struggled against the tyrants.We have faced bullets against bare chests with great courage and patience. We salute the great Egyptian people, the creators of this revolution. For that reason, we affirm that victory is the fall of Mubarak and his regime.

Since the 25th of January, “The Egyptian Uprising,” we have toppled the legitimacy of the dictator. Egypt is now ruled by the valiant Egyptian people. To protect the peaceful and glorious uprising, let us continue to protect ourselves and our Egyptian assets against the destruction and thuggery of the terrorist regime.

We will complete what we started on the 25th of January. We the Egyptian youth will not be deceived by Mubarak’s talk, which aimed to manipulate the emotions of the Egyptian people and under-estimated their intelligence as he has become accustomed to doing for thirty years in speeches, false promises, and mock election programs that were never meant to be implemented. Mubarak resorted to this misleading talk, thinking that Egyptian people could be deceived yet more.

To all Egyptians who love their homeland, we are your children, your sons and daughters and we represent your demands and that which we have all suffered under Mubarak’s rule. Mubarak pretends to fully comply with the demands of the Egyptian people, but you must understand that this is merely a maneuver by the Egyptian regime to deceive the free Egyptian people who refused to go back to their homes and end their protests. Whoever among us examines the events that have transpired in the last few days with a conscious mind, beginning with Friday’s “Day of Rage”, will clearly realize that the Egyptian regime implemented an evil plan to keep Mubarak in power as is the desire of those elements within the regime who want to protect their own personal security, rather than the security of Egypt.

After that, the prime minister appeared with invitations to dialogue. The first thing he did to convey his belief in the importance of dialogue, was to launch an attack by regime thugs and security people in plain clothes against the Egyptian youth, who were without weapons [to defend themselves], in Tahrir square which led to the injury of hundreds and the deaths of eleven martyrs. In addition, the regime undertook an arrest campaign of people in the April 6 Movement’s operation room, many lawyers, human rights activists, and representatives of the youth groups which called for the demonstrations on January 25th. The prime minister was not satisfied with this dialogue, so he gave orders to shoot live bullets at the innocent demonstrators. The arrests and chasing down of the movement’s activists is still ongoing. Is that the dialogue that Omar Suleiman and Ahmad Shafiq are calling for?

We, the youth of the April 6th Movement, announce our rejection of Omar Suleiman’s (the vice president) invitation for dialogue. There can be no dialogue until the departure of President Mubarak. We insist that we intend to proceed with what we started on January 25th to restore the rights that the Mubarak regime has robbed us of during its 30 year reign.

We announce from Tahrir Square. We will persevere until our demands are fulfilled, namely:

  • Mubarak should step down from power immediately.
  • Dissolving of the national assembly and the senate
  • Establish a “national salvation group” that includes all public and political personalities, intellectuals, constitutional and legal experts, and representatives of youth groups who called for the demonstrations on the 25th and 28th of January. This group is to be commissioned to form a transitional coalition government that is mandated to govern the country during a transitional period. The group should also form a transitional presidential council until the next presidential elections.
  • Drafting a new constitution that guarantees the principles of freedom and social justice.
  • Persecute those responsible for the killing of hundreds of martyrs in Tahrir Square.
  • The immediate release of detainees.

These demands are agreed upon by all the youth groups that called for the January 25th and 28th demonstrations.

We also announce that there is not any coordination between us and what is known as “The Committee of Wise Men” who have suggested ending the demonstrations and beginning negotiations while Mubarak is still in power.

Mubarak must leave immediately to preserve the security and stability of Egypt. There will be no negotiations until the departure of Mubarak and any negotiations should be concerned with the transferring power.

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