Revolution until victory

Egypt, CTUWS, February 2, 2011: The president Mubarak didn’t respond to the millions of Egyptians’ voice, who came out yesterday from Cairo and from several Egyptian cities, demanding Mubarak to leave.

The President and the rest of his regime try to circumvent around the demands of the Egyptians.

Today, the rest of the tyrannical regime of the National Democratic Party and the leaders of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) [Government-Dominated "Official" Labour Federation] – who spread corruption and fear in everywhere of Egypt land – are seeking to let hired thugs and troublemakers go in protests for supporting Mubarak continuation and to raise slogans: “No to sabotage” in a desperate attempt to abort the Dream of the Revolution .. The Dream of Achieving Democracy.. The Dream of Achieving Social Justice.

These desperate attempts will not be able to stop the Anger Revolution. The Anger Revolution is continuing to achieve its full goals :

1 – Mubarak departure, who is Governing Egypt for thirty years of tyranny and corruption.

2 – To form a national salvation government.

3 – To call for a constitutional association to draft a new constitution for the country to ensure the devolution of power within the frame of a civil state.

4 – To dissolve all representative assemblies, which came through a rigged election.

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