Iran – Mansour Osanloo's birthday (still in prison)

Mansour Osanloo is celebrating his 51st birthday today on 23 February. Without his family, friends and colleagues for the fourth consecutive year in prison. The only crime he ever committed was to create an independent workers’ union in Iran.

He was beaten badly when he was abducted by the security forces from a bus on his way home in Tehran on 10 July 2007. He suffered from cataracts as a result, but it took a major international campaign simply to let him have surgery just in time to save him from losing the sight in his left eye.

From time to time, he is sent to solitary confinement. Some inmates have attacked him. More recently, opportunities for him to contact his family or to go out of his cell have been reduced deliberately and increasingly he is in a “prison within a prison” acccording to his family.

Under these conditions, he developed a heart problem and was taken out of prison for brief medical treatment after complaining of chest pain. Still, he was sent back to prison within three days and there is no guarantee that his health has recovered fully.

On his 51st birthday, we want you to send him a message of encouragement that the world has not forgotten about him. Rather, our campaign to promote genuine workers’ rights in Iran is firmly rooted in the international trade union movement and we continue to put pressure on the Iranian government to release all trade unionists who are jailed including Ebrahim Madadi, Reza Shahabi and Gholamreza Gholamhosseini.

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