Egypt: Military Council to ban strikes?

According to a report from Reuters yesterday the ruling Military Council will ban strikes and labour movement meetings. This was according to a “military source”. The announcement is supposed to be made today.

The Egyptian workers might have something to say about this. Banks are on strike today, as well as oil workers. And even low ranking policemen are demonstrating.

The central demand of the revolution was down with the regime (not just Mubarak). The regime is not only the secret police and the apparatus of repression. Its tentacles stretch all the way down to the workplace. One of the demands of the recent strikes and sit-ins has precisely been out with the corrupt and repressive managements that have had their boot on the neck of Egyptian workers.

Banning of strikes and labour movement meetings would give an indication of how serious the army is about ‘democracy’. Far from producing the stability that the highest ranks of the army crave, it is more liable to produce a response from Egyptian workers who want a different life in the workplace as well as in society at large.

As soon as more information becomes available we will post it here.

Martin Wicks

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