The BMA Council has called a Special Representative Meeting to debate the government's NHS reforms

The BMA has also published a second reading briefing, which demands amendments to the Health Bill.

The council’s chief concerns are that the stability of local hospitals is considered when setting rules on economic regulation; that GP consortia are not forced to make providers compete and can instead work collaboratively; and that national oversight of medical education is maintained.

The BMA had so far resisted calls to hold a Special Representative Meeting, where members meet to debate an important issue that cannot wait until the Annual Meeting but has now schedule one for the 15th of March.

The BMA revealed this week that it is to survey its members to help understand which aspects of the Health Bill it should lobby parliament on.

An article for The Guardian by GPC chairman Dr Laurence Buckman, suggests the BMA is stepping up its opposition to the reforms, with a warning that patients will become ‘internal medical tourists’, with the wealthy shopping round for consortia that offer expensive or rare treatments.

In a letter to GPs this week, Dr Buckman warned that the reforms have ‘real potential to destabilise health economies’ and urged doctors to involve all their staff and colleagues to help shape the reform.

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