NHS Increment Freeze Rejected by GMB

Thursday 13th January 2011

NHS increment freeze rejected by GMB, the union for NHS workers in hospitals, ambulance services and the community

Healthcare staff are already at the sharp end of the funding squeeze and a freeze on pay will only make things even worse says GMB.

Members of GMB’s NHS National Advisory Group met today and concluded a robust discussion by rejecting a two-year freeze on all pay progression proposed by NHS Employers. A freeze on contractual pay progression in the NHS would come on top of the two-year freeze in percentage pay increases that the Coalition Government is imposing across the public sector.

Pam Hughes, Chair of GMB’s NHS National Advisory Group, said:

“NHS workers are being asked to accept a double whammy cut in their pay and quite frankly it is insulting that this kind of offer has been tabled by the employer. Health Care workers are working tirelessly against a backdrop of immense uncertainty over the future of the NHS.”

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer, added:

“NHS Employers wanted an agreement with the trade unions about a two-year freeze in incremental pay progression, in return for a guarantee that some NHS staff will not face compulsory redundancies. But the proposed ‘national enabling framework’ would not have been binding on any NHS trust, so in practice NHS Employers could not have delivered on their promise. GMB members feel very strongly that they do not want to surrender their rights to pay increments when so many of them are already facing a two-year pay freeze, local attacks on their terms and conditions, deteriorating living standards, and rising work pressures.”

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