Government-Dominated "Official" Labour Federation is One of Reasons Led to Crisis

Egypt, Centre for Trade Uion & Workers Services, January 27, 2011:

While thousands of Egyptian workers have been participating with tens of thousands of Egyptian people in the ‘Anger Day’ protests against the deterioration of economic and political conditions, and while more than four persons have been killed, hundreds more injured and hundreds of protesters arrested by police, the president of Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF), Hussein Megawer, asked, as El Masry Elyum newspaper published today, the heads of trade union councils to be ready and immediately interfere to pre-empt any labour demonstration, and monitor workers situation hour by hour to inform the federation in case of anything could happen in any labour site.

Many of Egyptian workers, who are the first category that have been affected by the deterioration of economic conditions and since 2006 they have been leading a protesting wave that reached most economic activities, were still protesting until yesterday in Suez city.

Nor Megawer or any of ETUF leaderships thinks, for a moment, to ask about the number of workers who have been injured or arrested in the street protests. They are only busy minded with monitoring workers and reporting them in case of any demonstration. “Monitoring workers and reporting them” is exactly the role that ETUF has been playing perfectly, which indicates that it is a governmental organization has no relations with workers, and only defending the government policies regardless if they are with workers’ interests or against.

The CTUWS reemphasizes and reaffirms on the necessity of listening to protesters’ legitimate demands and holding those responsible for the acts of violence and murder, and demands urgent political and economic reforms, on top the right of Egyptian workers to form their independent unions and elect real representatives who could work on solving their problems not to walk in the footsteps of government policies which led us to the crisis.

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