Winter issue of SOLIDARITY now available

Included in this issue:

Oliver New (RMT Executive member) writes on the London Underground struggle – “A battle for jobs and a safe service”

Report from the London Region of the FBU on the struggle against the threat of mass sackings – “Coleman wants to ‘do a Ronald Reagan’ ”

Roger Silverman reports on a successful school strike in London – “A harbinger of much bigger struggles to come?”

A health worker reports on “NHS Blood & Transplant continues to cut”

Jan Pollock and Dave Welsh consider “Building an effective anti-cuts movement”

Stu Melvin reports on the work of a local NSSN group in Reading

Linda Taffe reports on an anti-cuts demo in London

Ellenor Hutson writes about Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group

Gregor Gall examines the private sector pay round

Sheila Cohen writes on “Promoting independent working class education”

The Kerry Public Workers Alliance reports on the “Fake outrage and union complicity in the assault on Irish workers”

A UK health worker reports on struggles in the Polish health service- “Workers Initiative: “anti-partnership” pays dividends

China Labour Bulletin reports on the industrial situation in China – “Wage increases quiet worker protests – for the time being”

John Lister writes on “Lansley’s lethal medicine” in the NHS White Paper

Martin Wicks considers “What strategy for building resistance to the coalition” austerity drive

A subscription is £7 for 4 issues, £1.50 for a single copy.

Cheques payable to SOLIDARITY and send to: SOLIDARITY, PO Box 1219, Swindon SN3 2WA

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