"It's our future, not yours"

This is a brief report from a 16 year old school student, courtesy of NUT member Roger Silverman.

November 24th Demo Westminster London

As my friend and I left College at 11am as a part of the national walkout, we could feel the excitement as we waited for the others to join us. When we arrived at Westminster station, the police had already shut down many of the exits. When we got out on to the street we saw that there was no way of getting through the police and into the crowd of people. We decided to walk around to Horse Guards Parade while holding our banner reading “IT’S OUR FUTURE NOT YOURS”. We had reached the opposite end of the protest and moved our way to the heart of it.

What shocked me the most was the diversity of people, all there for the same reason, to stand up to the government for the minority of the population, the students. We chanted and shouted as loud as we could to get our voices heard: “NICK CLEGG, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU FOR TURNING BLUE”. This seemed to have the greatest anger in it as the students who voted earlier that year feel betrayed by the Lib Dem leader.

The police then tried to block us in. I felt as if I was a prisoner being convicted for a crime I didn’t commit. We found an alley way that led us out and decided to leave as it was getting late by that time. When I returned home, I saw the news was reporting violence, harm and destruction. I realised that this was the complete opposite to what I had experienced earlier that day. I saw people standing up for their rights, music being played with instruments, and if anyone was being disrespectful, it was a handful of angry students, or the police themselves.

It was an amazing experience and I feel as though I have made my mark on politics and change. I feel as though not going would make me a victim to the government’s cruelty on the young. I feel as though we are paying for the banks’ mistakes. I also feel as though the media is trying its hardest to make young people intimidated by standing up.

Don’t be. Stand up. Let’s show them that they can’t beat us. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

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