BBC pensions strike – Live updates

Journalists across the BBC walked out at midnight in the first of two 48 hours strikes in protest at plans to devalue their pensions.

NUJ members at the BBC started taking part in strike action at 12.01am on Friday 5 November 2010 for the next 48 hours to stop the BBC Pensions Robbery.

NUJ members have been working and paying into a pension scheme, the BBC have proposed ripping up the current pension arrangements and replacing them with a pension scheme that will see staff paying more in contributions and working longer and getting less in retirement.

As a result, NUJ members have been left with no choice but to strike to defend their financial futures.

We’ve already been overwhelmed by the support for the campaign so far from staff at the BBC and not just NUJ members. Colleagues in Bectu have inundated us with messages of support, with many refusing to cross picket lines to get into work. It’s clear that staff right across the BBC are keen for us to win – as it would mean a better pensions deal for all.



  • BBC HP chief, Lucy Adams on Radio 5, claiming “There is no more money on the table” “Other unions have accepted that.”

Response from NUJ general secretary, Jeremy Dear:
“Lucy Adams’ claims that the BBC must take this action now are completely false. Neither she nor the BBC know the real size of deficit is. What BBC management do know is that when the pension fund valuation is published next year, the defecit is likely to be shown to be far smaller than the £2bn figure they currently claim and the rationale for the changes they propose will be shot to pieces.

As far as her claim that other unions have accepted that there is no more money, not only is that false, but our sister union, Bectu, have warned the BBC that should the defecit be shown to be below £1.5bn, they will ballot their members for industrial action!”


- 95 per cent of world service newsroom out on strike

  • Many Bectu members not in work

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