RMT Rep – Eamonn Lynch – sacked!

Bakerloo RMT branch on Thu, 14/10/2010

RMT health and safety rep, Eamonn Lynch was sacked by London Underground yesterday 13th of October.

Eamonn was sacked for making an error while driving a train on Network Rail. But Eamonn’s error was to follow instructions from the Network Rail signaller and the Bakerloo Line Control room. Indeed, the sacking panel said he should have refused those instruction. So Eamonn was sacked for not refusing to work on the grounds of health and safety! Despite his representative, Regional Organiser Brian Whitehead ripping the charges to shreds, Eamonn was summarily dismissed.

While another driver who committed the same error on the Piccadilly Line just six weeks ago was given a 12 month caution at a Local Disciplinary hearing, RMT health and safety rep Eamonn Lynch was victimised by London Underground. Worse, the Piccadilly driver was in passenger service and drove through 6 stations at full line speed.  She even “changed her story” about the incident.  Eamonn followed instructions from the signallers, ran empty and at caution speed and was honest throughout.

In recognition that Bakerloo bosses were lining up to victimise an effective representative, RMT Bakerloo Branch submitted a resolution to the RMT General Grades Committee (GGC) calling for a ballot for strike action in the event that Eamonn was sacked. The General Grades Committee are dealing with this resolution today.

Drivers on the Bakerloo Line (both RMT and ASLEF) are shocked at this outrageous sacking and are prepared to fight back against this victimisation. As one young train driver said, “all Eamonn did was make an error, what are the chances that I will make a mistake in the next 30 years of my driving career”?

The RMT will fight back to stop this injustice!

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