A signing of a collective agreement between WAC (Israel) and Musrara Art School

A collective agreement between the Israeli Workers Advice Centre (WAC) and Musrara Art School was signed on August 25

A collective agreement between WAC and Musrara Art School was signed in initials on August 25. The agreement settles the working conditions of 70 workers and lecturers, and will come to force after the approval of the collective agreements registrar in the ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor. This is WAC’s first collective agreement.

The agreement determines that the lecturers will start working on a 12 months base. This change will be done in three steps and the full job framework will be defined by 18 weekly hours. The salary’s rating will be determined by seniority, professional training and experience, starting from 120 to 180 NIS per hour.

Among the social benefits that will be added to the lecturers’ wage: transportation refund, convalescence pay, holidays pay and pension allocation in the rate of 18.33% of the lecturer’s pay. This is additionally to other rights assigned by law.

The elected workers committee will help to settle the working relations and the collective agreement and recruit the lecturers and all of the workers to work for the school’s success. The schools’ management will allocate up to 500 NIS per month to cover the workers’ committee expenses.

Gaston Ztvi Itskovitch, the chairman of the committee told The Union:

“The agreement is very important, not only for the school’s present but also for its future. The main thing is that the lecturers are finally coming to work in a place where they are being respected. This change of atmosphere will encourage accomplishments. The agreement will attract more lecturers, after they hear about the fair employment conditions, the 12 paychecks and the social rights. WAC did a precise work, and in fact the agreement would not have been signed if not for WAC. Other organizing attempts have failed in the past, but WAC succeeded to manage the negotiations without exploding them. Avi Sabag, the school’s manager, understood that a collective agreement is the right thing to do, and so he also deserves credit. The workers’ committee did a good job, combining both senior and young lecturers”.

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