NHS Oxfordshire announces … One in three NHS jobs to go

At today’s Board Meeting of NHS Oxfordshire released a bombshell.

Tucked away on page 30 of a QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention) submission to the SHA (Strategic Health Authority) are workforce projections for the NHS in Oxfordshire.

The workforce plan acknowledges the loss of 1900 jobs in the next three hand a half years which would cut costs by almost 45 million but goes on to say the NHS in Oxfordshire needs to save over 100 million from workforce cuts. UNISON calculates this as a cut equal to 4250 full time jobs in this period.

The NHS in Oxfordshire employs the equivalent of 14,239 full time workers though many are part time.

In addition this figure does not factor in the impact costs of an ageing population or the development of expensive new treatments. Nor does it take into account in any wage increase for workers earning under 21000 who are not subject to the government’s pay freeze.

Taiwo Ransaki, Branch Chair of UNISON Health said:

“This is a bombshell hidden in NHS Oxfordshire’s papers and management jargon. There has not been a single discussion with the public or unions about this huge attack on services and jobs. We will be seeking to build links with community organisations and other unions for the strongest possible response to this.”

Ian McKendrick Branch Secretary said that the branch is calling a conference of all stewards across local NHS trusts to discuss a response to this concerted attack.

“Our message to all health workers is to join the union, elect stewards and get involved in a mass campaign to defend jobs and services. We urge every member to make his or her voice heard”.

UNISON is organising a public protest against cuts and job losses in Cornmarket, Oxford at 5.30pm 29th September as part of a Europe wide protest against cuts in public services.

UNISON’s branch leadership today instructed the Branch Secretary and Chair to build the broadest campaign against these cuts and to consult stewards and members regarding co-ordinated industrial action to defend jobs.

An emergency Branch Meeting is called for Thursday 30th September at 7pm in Oxford Town Hall. It will be followed by a public meeting on the cuts and proposed NHS changes at 8pm.

The NHS Oxfordshire Board Paper is at

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