The Salit Quarry workers strike in the occupied West Bank

by Roni Ben Efrat

For the background of a three year struggle see:

The entire workforce of the Salit Quarry, organized by WAC-MAAN, gave the management 15 days of we strike is that management unilaterally ended negotiations for a collective agreement.

Yesterday, May 10, WAC’s General Director, Assaf Adiv, received frantic calls from management requesting cancellation of the strike and promising to hold discussions beginning May 17.

WAC answered that this offer is not a sufficient reason to cancel the strike. Management had the 15 days prescribed by law to come up with a solution to prevent it. WAC proposed instead that management sit down immediately for meaningful talks. Only in the event of fruitful negotiations would the strike be halted. WAC also wrote Eyal Caleb, the manager, that while negotiations are underway it will not withdraw the declaration of a work dispute. This withdrawal will take place only after the signing of a collective agreement to WAC’s satisfaction.

Today a general meeting of the entire workforce unanimously adopted the proposal to continue the strike until a meaningful offer was put on the table or until the beginning of marathon negotiations toward the signing of an agreement.

Call for support:

The dispute at Salit has entailed enormous legal expenses for WAC. We ask unions and labor centers to donate whatever they can to help us cover them. You may send donations to our bank account with a note WAC-SALIT. We also ask you to send a note naming your organization (Trade Union branch) and the amount of your donation to: Roni Ben Efrat (International Coordinator) at

Name of bank: Bank Leumi
Branch: 801
Name of Account holder: Workers Advice Center – Ma’an
Account: 101-537704
Address: Jerusalem boulevard # 1, Jaffa
IBAN: IL030108010000001537704

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