Register a complaint against John Humphreys smear of the RMT

In John Humphreys interview with Bob Crow on the injunction against strike action on Network Rail, the presenter suggested that the decision of the judges “raises suspicions that the ballot was rigged”. If Humphreys or the Today programme’s staff had carried out some rudimentary research they would have known that the ballot was carried out by the ERS not by the RMT. Even Network Rail has not accused the RMT of ballot rigging.

The RMT is calling upon trades unionists to register a complaint with the BBC, demanding an apology for Humphrey’s baseless allegation, and for Bob Crow to be given another opportunity to explain the case of the RMT without such blatant interference.

Complaints should be sent to the BBC at

If you didn’t hear the interview you can listen to it at:

The interview can be found at 2hrs 10 minutes into the 3 hour programme.