Women's Coalition for Fair Employment

A March of Working Women, followed by an Assembly, in Tel Aviv on International Women’s Day—March 8, 2010

Women’s Day—March 8, 2010

To mark International Women’s Day, WAC-MAAN and Ahoti have initiated a coalition of 15 organizations, including women’s groups, workers’ organizations and social movements. The coalition calls for reducing unemployment and establishing fair job conditions.

Participating groups: WAC-MAAN; Ahoti (My Sister)—for Women in Israel; Women’s Parliament; Hotline for Migrant Workers; Shin—the Israeli Movement for Equal Representation of Women; Anwar—Jewish and Arab Women’s Leaders; Sindyanna of Galilee; Koach La Ovdim – Democratic Workers’ Organization; Hila; Tmura Center—the Israeli Antidiscrimination Legal Center; Itach (With You)—Women Lawyers for Social Justice; Coalition of Women for Peace; Hakeshet Hademocratit Hamizrahit (the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow), Kol Ha’isha—the Woman’s Voice, and Nesichat HaMidbar—the Desert Princess.

Time and place: Tel Aviv, March 8. The march begins at 16:00 at the corner of Rothschild and Sheinkin, reaching Gan Meir on King George at 17:00, where we shall hold the assembly.

The coalition’s press release follows:

A neoliberal economic policy is returning Israel to days of darkness, cancelling many of the historic gains made by women’s and workers’ movements. Privatization is destroying the health, education and welfare systems. It is dismantling workers’ organizations. It is subjecting the society as a whole, and women especially, to economic and social insecurity.

Instead of presenting a program for struggle against unemployment and poverty, the government prefers to fight the workers. It encourages debilitating employment through personnel agencies. It directs the unemployed to the Wisconsin Program, which turns the destitute jobless into destitute workers. With its other hand, the government continues to spin the revolving door, deporting those foreign workers who have learned their rights while importing replacements, fresh for exploitation. The employers and agencies reap the profits, while workers lose their bargaining power, watching rights and wages shrink.

Between Arab and Jewish women the social gaps have narrowed. On the 8th of March we will stand together. We will demand our rights. We will say “No” to a policy that sanctifies profits, turning tycoons and speculators into celebrities at our expense. We will say “Yes” to work that respects us as women and sees us as partners in building society.

We call on you, therefore, to come out en masse to the demonstration on March 8.”

Among the speakers will be Asma Agbarieh Zahalka of WAC-MAAN; Shula Keshet of Ahoti; Ester Herzog of the Women’s Parliament; Shevi Korzen of the Hotline for Migrant Workers; Rabbi Idit Lev from Keepers of the Law—Rabbis for Human Rights; Wafah Tayara, representing WAC’s farm workers; Leah Ofri, who was recently dismissed by the Israel Antiquities Authority; Aliza Yada’ya and Fathiya Masarwa from the Personal Services Union of Koach La Ovdim; and Muna al-Khabanian of Nesichat HaMidbar (Princess of the Desert).

Music: Hadar and Yoel—Shevet Ahim, Shira z. Carmel

For more information, please call our spokespersons:

Asma Agbarieh Zahalka, WAC-MAAN: 0504-330037
Shula Keshet, Ahoti: 052-234-2449

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