Unite 10am BA strike update: Day three

22 March 2010

On the third day of the BA stoppage, Unite has issued an update of how the strike is biting. The evidence shows that BA’s much-vaunted contingencies plans are failing :

Of the 77 flights scheduled:

  • 37 of these have been empty
    37 are “contingency” – are ready to go but BA do not know if they will have crew to fly them, or in fact customers
    3 are running as normal
  • Of the 37 empty flights , this includes: JfK, Tel Aviv, Miami, Washington and lA – most of US operation is out.
  • Of 37 contingency flights – Denver, Dubai, Seattle, Bombay. These flights will be fully catered in case passengers turn up.
  • Only three flights working normally – Hong Kong, Bangkok and Vancouver.
  • Managers dressed as crew wandering round car park and have been told to look as if coming into work.
  • BA offering strike breakers £100 in taxis each way i.e. – into work and then out.

At 11am Unite joint general secretary, Tony Woodley will address striking BA cabin crew  at Bedfont Football Club.

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