UNISON challenges proposed NHS cuts

Today convenors (senior stewards) from the Oxfordshire Health UNISON branch met and discussed the proposed cut of 240m in NHS budgets over the next 5 years. The convenors were shocked by these proposals.

This year NHS funding has increased by 7.5% in real terms – next year it is due to increase by 1.6% in real terms. Both Labour and Conservatives have promised to maintain NHS funding levels for the next parliament and opinion polls show that this is exactly what the public wants.

So why are NHS managers, who are public servants, proposing these cuts? What evidence is there that such cuts will be needed? Why have they not consulted with the public or staff unions BEFORE
making this announcement?

The Oxfordshire Health UNISON Convenors’ group representing staff at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health, Ridgeway and the Primary Care Trust call on NHS Oxfordshire to explain their proposals to staff unions and to the general public and publish a detailed case in plain English on their website so everyone in Oxfordshire can examine the funding assumptions they are making for the next 5 years.

In addition UNISON’s convenors are seeking an urgent meeting with Andrew Smith MP, the former Chief Secretary of the Treasury, to discuss the position of NHS Oxfordshire.

Mark Ladbrooke, Secretary UNISON Oxfordshire Health

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