RMT Network Rail Maintenance members vote by over 95% to reject harmonisation proposals

RAIL UNION RMT announced today that members working for Network Rail Maintenance have voted by over 95% to reject harmonisation plans in a referendum ballot.

In the vote, 4094 members voted to reject the proposals against 151 in favour.

RMT had been engaged in discussions with Network Rail in an effort to reach an agreement on harmonisation but pulled out and went to ballot of the membership when it was clear that the talks had been effectively hijacked at top level as part of a drive for cutbacks in working conditions.

The harmonisation process is brought to a halt as the result of the referendum ballot and staff will retain their current terms and conditions.

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said today;

This is a magnificent result. We recommended that our members reject Network Rail’s proposals and they have done so by a massive majority.

There is no doubt that the harmonisation process, which we entered into in good faith, was hijacked by senior Network Rail managers looking to stonewall progress, and who saw harmonisation as an opportunity to attack pay and conditions as part of their £3 billion cuts plans.

Staff will now retain their existing terms and conditions.”

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