Overwhelming vote for strike to reinstate Rob Williams

Linamar workers in Swansea have voted for an all out strike in support of their sacked convenor Rob Williams

The ‘yes’ vote was 139 and the ‘no’ vote was 19 with a turn out of 88%.

This is a marvellous vote in the teeth of mass intimidation by the linamar management who have threatened the workers with the sack in the past if they took strike action to get rob his job back.

They are saying clearly in this vote that they will decide who they want as their convenor and not management.

The vote by secret ballot under the onerous anti-union laws and in the face of an unprecedented recession in the car industry is a real indication that the workers know that what is at stake is not just Rob’s job but their very future, will they be able to have proper trade union representation or will they be forced to work under the dictates of the bosses with no rights to speak of.

The shop stewards committee is meeting tonight to decide the next step. They will have to give the bosses a formal seven days notice of strike action  and it looks like the workers are saying that they are prepared to come out on indefinite strike to get rob back in the factory as their elected convenor and shop steward.

PS Rob will be speaking at the NSSN conference on 27 june in london Rob is the vice-Chair of the NSSN

Dave Chapple,

On behalf of the NSSN

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