GMB members at Anglian Water vote for strike action over potential £2,500 pay cut

Meeting on Friday to discuss form and timing of industrial action at Anglian Water says GMB

27 May 2009

Hundreds of GMB union members who work for Anglian Water have voted for strike action over a potential annual loss of up to £2,500 pay following the company’s decision to impose shift and working time changes from 1st April 2009.

This official strike ballot followed an earlier consultative ballot which produced a vote of 90% for industrial action. A meeting will be held this Friday 29th May to consider what form the industrial action will take and its timing. Any industrial action will impact on the supply of ‘clean water’ in the household water supply and on the clearing of ‘dirt water’ which is sewage, and on discharge into rivers.

Michael Ainsley, GMB Organiser said:

GMB members were stunned at the audacity of Anglian Water management which refused to ask ACAS for help in resolving this issue. Indeed the HR Manager Kate Kelly told GMB members last month to go on strike if they did not like the new imposed terms.

This vote opens the way for GMB members to oblige Ms Kelly with an official dispute. We will meet on Friday to discuss the form and timing of the industrial action.

As a professional negotiator I am stunned at Anglian Water’s lack of consideration for its customers and employees. There is no recession in the water industry. For Anglian Water to impose a major change to an agreement without seeking to negotiate its impact is new to me. These changes add up to a cut in pensionable wages by up to £2,500 a year for workers. Their imposition will now lead to distress and inconvenience of industrial action for customers. It is high time for Anglian Water to start negotiations.”

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