Glasgow City UNISON ballots for strike action

This is from the Glasgow City UNISON website

The Council intends to cut some of your co-workers wages in April. Several hundred workers face cuts in pay with many losing thousands of pounds. The Council has reneged on the agreement made with UNISON in 2006 to maintain individuals transitional pay protection until service reforms or employee development removed pay detriment. The Council Leader, Steven Purcell, has broken his promise that no worker would lose any take home pay.

UNISON believes that we must adopt the basic trade union principle of an injury to one is an injury to all. Let’s show the Council that UNISON members will stand up for each other. We are very likely to face other battles in the coming year over further cuts in services and jobs, and attacks on our conditions of service such as sick pay. At present we need to resist cuts in pay. If we are successful in this then we will be in a better position to resist future attacks. UNISON recognises the pressures that members and their families face at this time however sometimes there is no real alternative other than to stand up and fight.

Here are some comments from members not losing money.

“I believe it is important to show solidarity and support to those members facing wage cuts.  It might not be me or you this time but in the future it might be. If we stay united and vote Yes it will send a clear message to the Council that we are prepared to fight to protect our pay and conditions.”                      Tricia, Technical Officer, Land and Environmental Services

“I will be voting for strike action in the ballot because the Council made a promise that nobody would lose any money and they are now breaking that promise. If they are allowed to get away with breaking such a promise now they will do so again and next time I may be one of the losers. We need to stick together – that’s what trade unionism is all about.”

Irene, Nursery Worker, Education Services

“The agreement in 2006 was achieved because of the threat of industrial action. The idea that colleagues can take pay cuts without a response from the rest of us is unthinkable. We need to stand together as we did before.”

Ian, Social Care Worker, Social Work Service

The UNISON branch will continue to do all it can to persuade the Council not to cut our members wages and is willing to discuss all possible ways to avoid an industrial dispute. However we must respond to employers who rip-up agreements and cut workers wages. These are lines that we cannot allow the Council to cross.

The planned strike days are 28 – 30 April.

Vote Yes……to show the Council that we will not let them renege on agreements!

Vote Yes ……to defend your co-workers!!

Vote Yes……to strike action!!!

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