Oppose Buckinghamshire Fire Service Cuts

Dear Comrades, Will you please take a moment to sign the petition on the link below? It concerns the frontline cuts to the fire service in Buckinghamshire.

I realise that some of us have a problem with this sort of canvassing when it comes to getting something done, but I urge you to sign and pass on the link in order to bring to people’s attention the attack that fire authorities are mounting against this frontline service. We need to use this as a catalyst to bring this type of decimation to the attention of the people that are reliant on the work of firefighters. If it happens in Buckinghamshire, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will happen elsewhere.

We are not just talking about the jobs of those in the service – we are looking at the loss of fire cover, not only for people’s homes, but also their places of work and recreation. Consider the effect on road accidents that firefighters attend if the service is cut. Firefighters were at the forefront in the clearing of recent floods; where are we going with these proposed cuts? Every disaster, large or small needs the right weight of response from a well trained fire service. The consequences of cuts are far reaching.

Fire authorities are putting lives, livelihoods and property at risk, all with this government exhibiting not a jot of concern.

Please bring this to the notice of as many as possible. With thanks and fraternal best wishes,

Robert Brinkworth


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