Summer Issue of SOLIDARITY available

The summer issue of SOLIDARITY is out now. It includes:

Kim Moody (“Workers of the (English Speaking) World Unite?”) examines the proposed amalgamation between UNITE and the Unites Steel Workers Union, asking whether this is liable to lead to a fighting union or yet more bureaucracy.

Gill George reports on UNITE’s first executive committee.

Martin Wicks (“Sixty Years On”) looks at the experience of the nationalisations carried out by the Atlee government and poses the need for the development of a perspective, and perhaps a campaign, for social ownership.

Gregor Gall (“Stepping up the pressure?”) assesses relations between the unions and the Brown government and whether they will take advantage of the government’s weakness.

Norma Turner reports of the conference of Keep our NHS public.

Dan Gallin (“I could not distinguish the union reps from the managers”) analyses the business union methods of Andy Stern and the Service Employees International Union which he leads.

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