CWU Postal Exec Emergency Motion

This is an Emergency Motion to the CWU’s forthcoming conference, from the Postal Executive Committee

This Conference agrees that we are entering a critical period during which decisions will be made that will determine the future of the Royal Mail Group.

Successive Government failures, Postcomm’s recklessness and serious mismanagement by the board means the company is facing the prospect of terminal decline with unprecedented attacks on CWU members’ jobs, pensions, pay and conditions.

This outcome can only be avoided if the CWU and all its branches, reps and members are totally engaged in major political and industrial campaigns to secure our future.

The Postal Executive has already agreed to ballot CWU members for industrial action over the unacceptable imposition of pension reforms. However, before a ballot timetable is set, Conference recognises that it is essential the Union fully understand the consequences of Royal Mail’s rationalisation plan.  This is with particular regard to a meeting with Royal Mail on the 27th May which highlighted the changing nature of Royal Mail’s plans and the likelihood of unprecedented office closures and the huge impact this will have on the jobs and lives of CWU members. Therefore, in these circumstances it will be necessary to expand any national industrial action ballot to include other aspects of Royal Mail’s rationalisation plan to the affected membership.

The timetable for a ballot will be designed to maximise pressure on the company and the government and will be at the discretion of the Postal Executive. This will ultimately be determined by Royal Mail’s response to our demands for urgent negotiations and acceptable agreements on the following:

-    Pensions
-    The long term future of the Post Office Network
-    The future of Mail Centre, Delivery and Distribution Networks

Furthermore, the Postal Group Conference fully endorses the Union’s political campaign as set out in the NEC Emergency Motion to General Conference covering the following key areas:

-    Ensuring Government honour their Manifesto commitment and reject any calls for privatisation of the company. The Government must ensure that Royal Mail remains a wholly publicly owned, end to end service provider, with the genuine opportunity to compete and increase revenue, providing high quality terms and conditions for the workforce.
-    Continue to participate fully in the Independent Review and ensure that the outcome of the Review brings an end to unfair competition, secures a viable USO and maintains the highest possible service standards to the public in line with the CWU Submission.

-    Call upon the Government to open up and review all aspects of the current funding package agreed with Royal Mail and provide the company with the future investment required.

-    Ensure Government accept their responsibility, as the owner, towards employees’ pension arrangements by calling upon Royal Mail to reopen pension negotiations.

-    Call upon government to make immediate changes to the Post Office board and put in place leaders who support the company’s social obligations and the government’s manifesto commitment.

This Postal Group Conference instructs the Postal Executive, all Field Officials, Branches and local Representatives to prioritise and achieve the aims and objectives of this Emergency Motion with immediate effect.

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