CWU delegates back ballot for industrial action

Delegates at the CWU conference in Liverpoool have voted unanimously for a ballot on industrial action. The union’s press release says:

“Later in the day, delegates unanimously backed calls for a national industrial action ballot over pensions, post office closures and the threat to thousands of jobs.

A comprehensive, tough-talking resolution authorised the union’s postal executive to begin the process of moving towards possible strikes, timetabled “to maximise pressure on the company and the government.” 


Hand-in hand with the industrial action, a high-profile demonstration outside the Labour Party’s conference in Manchester in September is one of several options being considered by the CWU in order to open a second, political front in the struggle to defend workers’ rights and services to the public.


CWU deputy general secretary Dave Ward explained: “With the right campaign now, both politically and industrially, we can find some of the right solutions.”


Both parts of the union’s twin-track strategy are equally crucial to the future of the sector, he insisted, pointing out: “There’s no way we can win without an ultimate political solution.”


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