GMB fights to reopen York Remploy Factory

Prime Minister Remains Silent as Remploy Management Closes Factory Today
7 Mar 2008

GMB today vowed to continue the fight to reverse the closure of the York Remploy factory. GMB had hoped that a meeting between workers from the factory and Gordon Brown at the Spring Labour Party conference last weekend might have moved the PM to help stop the closure but so far GMB has not been able to get any up date or reaction form Number 10.

GMB is launching legal action against Remploy and the Secretary of State over the Remploy factory closures on the grounds of unfair selection for redundancy and unfair dismissal for the workers who have been sacked.

Phil Davies, GMB National Secretary responsible for GMB members working at Remploy said, “GMB moves the fight to the courts now. GMB will be challenging not only Remploy managements’ action in this dispute but also the Secretary of State’s role in the selection for Remploy factories for closure.

GMB’s campaign against Remploy’s treatment of its workforce does not stop with today’s closure of the York and other factories this month. GMB has set up a support group and have a ‘Reopen the York Factory’ campaign group comprising of GMB Senior Stewards, MPs and local activists.

GMB will continue to campaign for the delivery of the pledge at last Autumn’s Labour Party conference by the Secretary of State that public procurement of goods and services would be used to generate a steady stream of work for supported workshops for disabled workers. Little progress has been made on implementing that pledge to date.

Let us be clear. These York Remploy workers have been betrayed by the Labour government and the Labour Party and we will not forget it. This is the saddest day I can remember in my many years as a trade unionist and negotiator.”