GMB rejects 3 year pay deal for public sector

Responding to today’s statement by the Chancellor Alistair Darling, GMB which represents 300,000 public sector workers flatly rejected the idea of a 3-year pay compact across the public sector.
8 Jan 2008

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for Public Service said “There are four fundamental problems. The first is that the argument that public sector pay has to be controlled to manage down inflation is economically flawed and socially unacceptable. The second is that different parts of the public sector have different needs from pay negotiations and whereas for some a period of stability makes sense for others there is a desperate need for change. The third is that any sensible negotiator will want to see a premium for sacrificing future negotiating rounds and that would mean any long-term deal having to go above RPI – and that isn’t the government’s intention.”

“Perhaps most importantly of all is whether they can be trusted. After all, the government has reneged on most recent pay review body awards and who’s to say they would honour a 3 year deal? Their track record says otherwise.”

“For example, among the 1.5 million local government sector workers they want a one-year pay deal that corrects some of the low-pay and unequal pay anomalies as well as catching up on nearly 2% worth of inflation lost in their last pay deal.”

“The reality is that Brown and Darling want to have public sector pay settled for politically expediency because there will be a general election within the next three years. GMB isn’t interested in those sorts of games – we have members who need good pay rises.”

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