PCS strike action

This is a PCS press release 

 Management still not listening
PCS met DWP management yesterday in a final attempt to reach a settlement on DWP pay before being forced to call a strike. Management refused to make a single improvement to the offer.

PCS try to avert strike
PCS suggested that if serious talks could take place on improving all 3 years of the offer, then a dispute could be averted. Regrettably management refused to engage in serious talks around improving year one and withdrawing years 2 and 3 from the imposed offer so that we could discuss ways of improving them.

Strike action called for 6 and 7 December
PCS are left with no option other than to call a strike for December 6 and 7 to show management how strongly members feel and force them back to the negotiating table.

DWP management – out of touch
Management think that by imposing this offer that will be the end of the matter for the next 3 years. We know how very wrong that is. PCS members will not let management impose their will this year and we certainly will not accept that this 3 year offer is final.

Members have seen their payslips now and realise that even the so called winners are in fact losers.

Make them listen
Even though it is the run up to Christmas, DWP members are prepared to strike to prevent the next three Christmases being the tightest ever.

Management will have to come back and settle this dispute with us.

By striking on 6 and 7 December we will show management how determined members feel about pay and we will ensure that when management do return, they are ready to talk seriously.

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